Setting up a Name based Virtual host on the Synology NAS


I found little to no information about setting up virtual hosts for this device so I made this guide.

For port 80/443

To start with. We need to add a new virtual host in web station.
Choose name-based here you have to add the domain or sub-domain that we want to use.
Choose the document root for our website. It needs to be in the web folder.
For the back-end, I choose Apache and PHP 5.6.

Next, we need to open the DNS manager for our domain.
Add a new CNAME record. This record will point the domain to our own domain or subdomain for which we will be using the Synology-s external access domain
In my case, it will be for the subdomain TEST
CNAME test
but this would work for the base domain too if we replace test with a star *
Save, And when we load the desired site it redirects us to the Virtual Host.