SSD1309 2.42″ 128×64 OLED Display wiring


I have gotten a bigger 2.42″ OLED display from Aliexpress. I got the 16pin version instead of the 7 pin one.

This is the copy of the SSD1306 that Adafruit sells and the same library works with it. It supports 8bit, I2C and SPI. The only problem I had was with the wiring for I2C. As usual, Aliexpress sellers do not offer any documentation or help. I managed to find some schematics online.

7Pin schematics:

16Pin schematics:

I got this display to work in the following way for I2C:

On the back of the display, I moved the resistors to the I2C position. That means R15 and R16 have to have resistors and R14 and R17 do not.

I wired R13 together.

And the rest of the pins have to be connected in this way:

The pull-up and pull-down resistors have to be between 1k and 10k Ω. With this setup the I2C address is 3C but it can be changed to 3D by moving one of the resistors.


Hope this helps someone else. I can publish the PDF-s with the schematics later.


This display can run with this library:×64-oled-display-module/wiring-and-test

Just don’t forget to comment out the 128×32 and use 128×64 instead in the code.