Welcome, I'm Norbert.

Keyb.io hardware maker community/forum

New upcoming React community for hardware makers in an upcoming niche hobby

RecipeApp with mockAPI

Simple React-Native RecipeApp that gets the data from a included mock API


Curated gift sharing/affiliate test site built using Vue.js and Laravel.


A program that links multiple torrent clients into a simple manager. Written in C#

RSS.to.Telegram bot

A self hosted telegram python bot that dumps posts from RSS feeds to a telegram chat.

Visualizing L3G4200D gyro movement with Blender and Python

Visualization using blender and python on the SW side and on the HW side I used an Arduino to deliver the raw data from the gyro.

I have purchased a rather cheap gyro L3G4200D sensor that can detect 3 axis rotation and deliver it through an I2C or SPI interface. Visualizing the gyro turned out quite difficult as I could not see what the Gyro was outputting only the raw data. I needed a visualization. I ended up writing a python script that used Blender to visualize the gyro that is connected to an Arduino Uno. With this combination, I got a real-time report that proved the sensor to be quite accurate at what it does.


CryptoTicker.Hardware is an information display board PCB that supports over 1500 coin pairs. The board consists of 4 individual 1.3" OLED displays


CryptoTicker.Software is the script/firmware that drives the display board PCB. It supports over 1500 coin pairs. It drives the 4 individual 1.3" OLED displays and is easily expandable to support more.

Simple Start/Stop button for octoprint

Easy STOP/START button solution for stopping and starting 3D printing jobs using octoprint, running on raspberry pi from the printer’s location.